Suffokate not the fallen минус

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Добавили mp3: 2016-11-17

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Текст песни Смотреть Suffokate - Not The Fallen

We are not the fallen, but intelligent we see through the lies. The false papers try to tell us how to
Live our lives I will not fall for it. Now I see you're all hypocrites. It's just a lie you live by, overlooking
All the cracks and still you try to save us. Can't you see? We don't believe this bullshit that
You sell, so take it back. You'll be sorry if you persist. I live to end life, no book will change that. No
Higher power controls me. No fear of consequences, he will not come down and smite me because
He's fake. Why can't you see that you're all wrong, we are all our own gods. Just take it back, 'cause
I don't want it. Just take it back 'cause I don't want it. It's a fucking joke. Life's shit then you die, so
Get used to feeling pain 'cause that's all you're gonna feel. You wanted to save me, but you can't even
Save yourself. Religion is sickness I'm the cure. Nothing is sacred. You are the sickness - we are
The cure.

Видео Смотреть Suffokate - Not The Fallen

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